Production started!
Will be available soon.


designed for visual observing
Astrophoto with short expo time (max. 20s)

model: 3540 / 4045 / 4550 / 5055 / 5560
(up to 12" dobs)

Price: 435€/pc (charger included)

Example of setting for a type 4550:

How the platforms are made:

Common features:

- 60 min. tracking
- programmed tracking speed (star-speed)
- full automatical working (reset, and start tracking)
- build in compass and big spirit level for aligning
- beep feedback for all end positions, and actions
- electrical- and mechanical overrun protection
- adjustable feets
- low noise
- built-in battery
- easy to use
- weight 7 kg.

Main dimensions:

   I. Parts

1. Top plate
2. Velcro for fix the top plate
3. Adjustable feet
4. Base plate
5. Freewheel
6. Compass
7. Battery
8. Limit sensor
9. Controller case
10. Bubble level
11. Drived wheel
12. Motor
13. Coupler
14. Southern pivot

   II. Controller case 

1. Multifunction button 
- short press for start/stop tracking or resetting
- long press (min. 2 seconds) for reset

2.  LED
- short ON, long OFF means waiting for start/stop button
- continuous ON means tracking
- long ON, short OFF means waiting for interrupt (start/stop button short press)
- equal ON, OFF means reset

3. DC connector for charging
- 2,5/5,5 dc connector
- middle pin is the "+"

4. ON/OFF switch 
- slide right for switch ON

III. Using

There are 2 device for alignment the platform for northern pole. 

Set the compass according to your observing location. You need to check, if is any deviation between magnetic and geological north pole at your location.

Lastly it is needed to set the spirit level according to northern latitude of your observing location. The platform are developed for the middle of the using range.
4045 → 42.5°
4550 → 47.5°
5055 → 52.5°
With the adjustable feets it is possible to change the pole angle. To higher angle you need to lift the front feets of platform or sink the southern feet.

Now you can put the telescope onto the top of the equatorial platform.

With the slide switch can be switched on the platform, then the platform will resetting itself. If it is done, the tracking will be startad automatically also.

At the end of tracking 3 short beep can be heard, and you have 12 sec before auto-reset. If you push the red button, the platform will not reset itself.

In this case you can start the resetting with long press of red button (min. 2s).

For more info feel free to contact me:
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