EQ-platform  (up to 12" dobs)     

designed for visual observing
Astrophoto with short expo time (max. 20s)

model: 3035 / 3540 / 4045 / 4550 / 5055 / 5560
Price: 435€/pc (charger included)

Additional segment: 30€/pair

Common features:

- 60 min. tracking
- programmed tracking speed (star-speed)
- full automatical working (reset, and start tracking)
- build in compass and big spirit level for aligning
- beep feedback for all end positions, and actions
- electrical- and mechanical overrun protection
- adjustable feets
- low noise
- built-in battery
- easy to use
- weight 7.5 kg.

Example of setting for a type 4550:

How the platforms are made:

How the controller works:

Main dimensions:

For more info feel free to contact me: htamas.hun@gmail.com
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